Friday, March 25, 2011

The skin my race of people have

The skin of the Watrins people is black and silver, they have a unique design in their skin which look as if there are ripples in various places on their body as if they were made of water. I chose this image for my avatars skin because it represented the environment they live in. And since they live mostly underwater their skin should be able to blend in with it's environment. So I desided that the skin would be based on a water theme. I looked on the internet for a rippled image of water and I found this!

It is an image of black ink dye in rippled water. I thought it would be an effective skin tone for my race of people, also it was the best image I could find of the water. When I placed the picture over my image, I cut around the outline of skin and rubbed everything else out that wasn't any part of the skin. I was pretty cool seeing the skin of my avatar on, it looked like the image of myself wasn't me anymore.

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