Thursday, March 24, 2011

Secrets inside the Watrins people

I wanted to create a race of people that would be a little like me with my swimming that is. So I said that the Watrins race would live in the water and only come on land to hunt for food which was mostly wild berries, fresh spring water, herbal plants, fruits grown on trees and sometimes deer (but not often). The reason they have picked up this habit of eating is because about 50 years ago they found a strange but beautiful island. Where they were curious, so they went onto the land. They discovered that the island was lush with a green rainforests and on the beaches were numerous tide pools which were full of shellfish and starfish. The Watrins people began to eat the shellfish after a while from the tide pools but used the starfish as jewellery. They ate the food off the trees, fruit mostly, the Watrins people’s favourite food is the coconut especially the inside of it. The food they have to eat in the water is a special type of seaweed that grows at the bottom of the ocean. It has the power to help the Watrins breathe underwater so they can last longer in the water without having to surface for air. Watrins can survive underwater for about 2 hours in one breathe but will have to keep resurfacing if they don’t eat the seaweed. They normally eat it before they are about to go to sleep. At the bottom of the sea is where they live, they build their homes out of sand which are more like little piles of sand. The Watrins live under the sand piles to camaflage in with the other sand so they can rest in the day and go out at night since it is more likely they would be spotted in the day. The Watrins race as they are kinda related to Possidens god of the sea, they can control the conditions of the water which makes this easier for them to defeat their enemies. If they were ever in a battle they can see their enemies next move coming since they can read minds, which all of the species can do. Their skin can sence someones or somethings presence from over 1km away. This is useful for being able to be ready for anything, an attack from an enemy or seeing a fellow Watrins. They have great eyes due to their big eyes being able to see in the dark. The Watrins race talk to each other in a language that is mostly made up of dolphine clicks. Which only the Watrins can understand and speek.

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