Sunday, March 13, 2011

pErSoNaLiTy PrOfIlE

My race of people are called the ‘Watrins’ the people of this race are kind and caring. Even though they are related to sirens but are very different, they don’t drown sailors, they don’t travel alone and they don’t let anyone see them. All the Watrins people never leave the group, only when they are hunting.

They live in water-based habitats and sometimes on land. They love the tropical climates of Earth because it is warmer in the water. When they are frightened they hide in the water since they hate anyone seeing them. But if it is a threat to their survival they will team up with their people and fight. When these people are angry or frustrated they grow long fangs for fighting, to scare away the enemy. They are the unholy offspring of death itself; this is how they are born relatives to sirens.

The Watrins people are the same average size as a teenage human, they have huge eyes that change colour. The colour of the eyes and the look of the eyes depend on the mood of the Watrins people. Watrins people are able to live in the water and on land. When they enter the water their feet turns to a tail. For girls their tails are more like small pink scales attached to their bodies. While for the guys tails are a strong blue colour throughout their tail. And when they come out of the water their tails disappear and their natural selves come out.

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