Monday, February 28, 2011

Experient 2: Beyonc£

This is my experiment on Beyonc£ turning her normal skin to zebra skin with a pink tinge to it. This was the starting image for Beyonc£.

and this is the pink zebra skin,

and this is the final product! :)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

HaPpY emotions

When a babies happy their eyes pop out of their head and they have a big smile. They even make this cute little laugh when they smile.

Where I found this image:

This girl is smiling because her favourite song just popped up on her phone and she is smiling and listening to it saying the song in her head. This is what many girls do when they listen to their favourite songs.

Where I found this image:

This kitten obviously is happy since its eyes are closed probably because it was smiling to hard. The kitten’s corners of its mouth are pushed up high so there must have been something to smile about.

aNgRy emotions

Toothless is in an irritated position, his eyes are small and tilted his head forward. His nose is scrunched up and looks like he wants to say ‘stay away from me’.

Where I found this image:

The tension in this girl’s eye shows deliberately that she is angry. It is almost like they are going to explode with anger. Her nose is screwed up and her lips are furrowed. Her hair is also a mess, she looks like she is going to scream at you.

Where I found this image:

This puppy is in an enraged mood. The head is tilted forward to make the puppy’s eye looking straight at you. The eyebrows are on an angle so it makes the eyes look very scary as if he is ready to pounce.

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

SaD emotions

In this picture this teenager looks miserable by the way she has her head in her hands in a fist. She is also alone but only comforted by a small orange cat. It looks as if she is trying to hide her face since her hair and hands are covering her face.

Where I found this image:

This kitten is feeling very sad, you can tell by the way the eyes are being presented. The kittens eyes are looking low, disappointed and just very sad It’s eyebrows are pointing down like this / \ which makes the kitten look unhappy it’s ears are also out to the side.

Where I found the image

This girl is has the present emotion sadness because of the way she is holding her legs close to her body for comfort. She has also been crying because there is a tear coming down the side of her face.

Where I found the image

Emu and frog transforming

Sorry it took so long getting this picture up had some difficulties but all sorted out now :D

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Emu and Frog

On our very first creative media lesson, Mr Powel showed us all how to morph a tree frog and an emu into one animal. In class we discussed surreal images surreal means not actually such; being or seeming fanciful or imaginary; "this conversation is getting more and more unreal"; "the fantastically unreal world of government bureaucracy"; "the unreal world of advertising art". We took two images an emu and a tree frog we fliped the image of the emu so that the emu was facing the same way as the frog. Then we draged the image of the emu into the frog's box. We turned down the transparency down so that we could still see the frog behind the emu. After that we alined the eyes of the emu and tree frog, we then cleared away the excess emu. But traced the outline of the frogs eyes so that they would bloge out of the emus features. Then we turned the transparency up, and changed the colours of the beak and hair of the emu. It then look like an out of this world creature which was pretty cool. I liked this session alot!