Friday, March 25, 2011

Reflection term 1

I think this term I have had the chance to learn something new and different! I found it hard to keep up with my blog as you can tell I am pretty much putting it all in now! I am very pleased how I created my first avatar (angry), I think personally it was much better then the second avatar (happy). Even though it took the most time to complete the creation. The hardest thing for me this term was trying to keep putting things on my blog and trying to complete my avatar. Even though it was really fun creating my own race of people I also didn't really start on my race of people when we were told to. I didn't really know what I was going to do with creating them or how they would look! But near the end of the term I kinda thought of more good ideas but I don't know why I didn't think of them before? If I could do this term all over again I think I would try to get my blog happening faster and not waiting till the last minute to put everything down. And I would've wanted to start my avatar earlier so I could have had time to place my fangs in my angry avatar picture. I think next term I will try to do as Mr Powell says and do my blog every 2-3 times a week so it won't get out of hand next time.

Inspiring images for my avatars

Sorry I didn't put these up earlier!



My Watrins happy avatar

This is my happy Watrins avatar, I think that it doesn't look as good as the angry avatar. But I think I gave it a good shot at completing this avatar. What I didn't like about this avatar was that the mouth looked out of place and awkward. I didn't really realise it looked so bad until I was beginning to cut out the mouth to turn it black. But it was too late to try to change the mouth so I just left it as it was. I also think I made the nose too big for the face but I think that it kinda is an out of this world avatar so it would look a little odd.

Background avatar happy

The background I have chosen for my avatar is in the water in the day. Since the Watrins live underwater while it is day I thought it would be a great background to show that they were happy in a way where they live.

The background is nice and happy which also reflects on the avatars behaviour too. Also with the fish in the background it gives it a tropical edge to it.

Avatar's eyes happy

My happy Watrins eyes were very different from my first avatar's eyes but they were still from toothless, in 'How to train your dragon'. These eyes were big and black but the outside of the pupil instead of being multicoloured it was yellow. Weird colour of an eye to be huh. I found as I tried placing the eyes that they were uneven so I decided to rotate the left eye so it would look more balanced.

Watrins hair happy

The hair actually stayed the same like the skin, all I did with the hair was drag it onto my avatar and zoom in on it so the hair would've fit my head. There really wasn't much change in the hair. But it was still Miranda Kerr's hair.

Skin of my avatar happy

Well I didn't really change a thing with my skin I just had a different position I had to place it in. Therefore, what I did was just cut around the areas my skin wasn't showing and rubbed it all out. Which wasn't much different then what I did before.

Second avatar transformation happy

I took this photo at my house since my other photo of me was deleted, so I started again. It was suppose to be a happy image but I don't really know if I look happy in this image, I thought I did but I'm not too sure now? The first time I did was the skin which wasn't too difficult.

Don't laugh I look ridiculous! :(

Eyes of angry avatar

The eyes that I used to show the anger in my avatar was the eyes of toothless from 'How to train your dragon'. It was a close up of his eye and he was very angry so I decided to use that eye for my avatar. His eye looked awsome since it was all different colours inside it. I duplicated the eye when I was placing it on my avatar I saw that the other eye wasn't looking on the same angle that my face was. So I just rotated it so it would look symetrical.

So here is the eye, I found it difficult to cut out due to there being no kind of indication where the eye finishes but I think I had a pretty good judgement.

My Watrins angry avatar

This is my angry Watrins avatar!! I'm so glad that I am finished with this one so I can start my next one :) You can see what I meant about the hair and having to cut out the strands of it. But all in all I really enjoyed creating this avatar in photoshop, it was really fun and different for a change. Hope you liked it.


The background I chose for my avatar was also a water based themed. I thought since my avatar was with the expression angry I chose to put a breaking wave in the background since I think that when the waves break they look firce and scary. So I thought it would be the perfect background for my avatar to be placed in. The picture was taken at night so that's why the sky is black.

Here is the background that my avatar is placed in. I love the

Teeth ~ epic fail?

My race the Watrins grow fangs when they are in battle with their enemies. I was going to put fangs into my angry image but they were too far apart from each other so I decided to make two copies of them. The problem with that was that i couldn't figure out how to get rid of the extra two pairs of fangs: one where the nose was and one where the neck was. Thus since I couldn't get rid of the extra fangs I decided to not put them into my final avatar. It would've looked weird if there was two sets of fangs and they weren't lined up!

Here are the set of fangs that I was going to put onto my Watrins race when they were angry at enemies. As you can see in this image I haven't cut them out, so I couldn't really show you what I mean.

Hair of the Watrins people

The Watrins females have beautiful but messy hair ranging in different colours and shapes. The hair I used for my avatar was brown since it looked good just the way it was on my avatar. Consequently this is why I didn't change the colour of the hair, it took me about 6 days to cut out all the hair. It was very challenging to cut out, I had to pretty much cut out every individual hair in the picture. If I didn't you could see the grey background though the hair. Thus I chose to cut out the hair correctly by cutting out the tiny strands of hair. But in the long shot it looked amazing when I was done, it was worth the effort!

Here is the original picture I got the hair from, and yes it is Miranda Kerr's hair :D

The skin my race of people have

The skin of the Watrins people is black and silver, they have a unique design in their skin which look as if there are ripples in various places on their body as if they were made of water. I chose this image for my avatars skin because it represented the environment they live in. And since they live mostly underwater their skin should be able to blend in with it's environment. So I desided that the skin would be based on a water theme. I looked on the internet for a rippled image of water and I found this!

It is an image of black ink dye in rippled water. I thought it would be an effective skin tone for my race of people, also it was the best image I could find of the water. When I placed the picture over my image, I cut around the outline of skin and rubbed everything else out that wasn't any part of the skin. I was pretty cool seeing the skin of my avatar on, it looked like the image of myself wasn't me anymore.

Transforming myself into my angry avatar

It took only one lesson for me to remove the bottom half of my face onto the first picture. It was hard aligning the face to fit in with my other face. When I finally aligned both of the images, there was a clear line separating the two. So I decided to smudge the line in between the two images so they would look as if they were apart of the same picture. It actually worked, after a little bit of fiddling with the image.

(I'm sorry to say but the computer I'm working on won't allow me to put the image up on here at the moment so when it will allow me to do so I will put up the photo of the images mushed together.)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Avatar- what photos will i use?

For my first avatar I looked all over the internet for a photo that would show the emotions that my avatar would show. But unfortunaly i couldn't find any so I decided to take some photos of me to transform myself into the Watrins race! Here is my photos for angry of me. It took me about a week and a half to complete this image.

I merged these two images together to create my angry avatar. I cut the mouth out and placed it on the first image then realised it didn't work. So I cut out the bottom half of my face and placed it on the first image. I think it looks better like that, the two images look much better when they are mushed together. P.S my second image isn’t the best picture of me so I pretty much dislike it and as soon as Mr Powell marks it, it will be taken of immediately so just letting you know could you tell me when you have marked it so I can delete it asap! There is also some weird thing happening with the underlining which I donn't really know what is happening with that? So sorry!

Photoshop creations

These aren't ones I have made but I thought they looked cool and I couldnt even tell if they had been photoshoped!

Can you see the elephant? :D

Secrets inside the Watrins people

I wanted to create a race of people that would be a little like me with my swimming that is. So I said that the Watrins race would live in the water and only come on land to hunt for food which was mostly wild berries, fresh spring water, herbal plants, fruits grown on trees and sometimes deer (but not often). The reason they have picked up this habit of eating is because about 50 years ago they found a strange but beautiful island. Where they were curious, so they went onto the land. They discovered that the island was lush with a green rainforests and on the beaches were numerous tide pools which were full of shellfish and starfish. The Watrins people began to eat the shellfish after a while from the tide pools but used the starfish as jewellery. They ate the food off the trees, fruit mostly, the Watrins people’s favourite food is the coconut especially the inside of it. The food they have to eat in the water is a special type of seaweed that grows at the bottom of the ocean. It has the power to help the Watrins breathe underwater so they can last longer in the water without having to surface for air. Watrins can survive underwater for about 2 hours in one breathe but will have to keep resurfacing if they don’t eat the seaweed. They normally eat it before they are about to go to sleep. At the bottom of the sea is where they live, they build their homes out of sand which are more like little piles of sand. The Watrins live under the sand piles to camaflage in with the other sand so they can rest in the day and go out at night since it is more likely they would be spotted in the day. The Watrins race as they are kinda related to Possidens god of the sea, they can control the conditions of the water which makes this easier for them to defeat their enemies. If they were ever in a battle they can see their enemies next move coming since they can read minds, which all of the species can do. Their skin can sence someones or somethings presence from over 1km away. This is useful for being able to be ready for anything, an attack from an enemy or seeing a fellow Watrins. They have great eyes due to their big eyes being able to see in the dark. The Watrins race talk to each other in a language that is mostly made up of dolphine clicks. Which only the Watrins can understand and speek.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

pErSoNaLiTy PrOfIlE

My race of people are called the ‘Watrins’ the people of this race are kind and caring. Even though they are related to sirens but are very different, they don’t drown sailors, they don’t travel alone and they don’t let anyone see them. All the Watrins people never leave the group, only when they are hunting.

They live in water-based habitats and sometimes on land. They love the tropical climates of Earth because it is warmer in the water. When they are frightened they hide in the water since they hate anyone seeing them. But if it is a threat to their survival they will team up with their people and fight. When these people are angry or frustrated they grow long fangs for fighting, to scare away the enemy. They are the unholy offspring of death itself; this is how they are born relatives to sirens.

The Watrins people are the same average size as a teenage human, they have huge eyes that change colour. The colour of the eyes and the look of the eyes depend on the mood of the Watrins people. Watrins people are able to live in the water and on land. When they enter the water their feet turns to a tail. For girls their tails are more like small pink scales attached to their bodies. While for the guys tails are a strong blue colour throughout their tail. And when they come out of the water their tails disappear and their natural selves come out.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Colours and Emotions

Mr Powell showed us this image in class and told us that different colours can effect the mood of someone in a picture.

Dangers of Photoshop

Even though we know how fun Photoshop is to use and make various creations. There are some people out there who take Photoshop for their own advantages. For example fake IDs, bullying, identity theft, lying and deserving people. Many people think that this is alright to do and they wont be found out, but it isn't and sometime soon they will be caught. Bullying is found all over the world, but sometimes bullies take this to an extreme level by using Photoshop to make it look like people are doing something they are not.