Sunday, November 6, 2011


My evaluation on iBook task:
I completed this task by telling the audience how I did each scene and even though the music and graphics were playing at different times throughout the scenes. If I could have done my movie again I would have liked to make sure that the music and the animation scenes matched up and that they didn't play off cue. I found this task really cool since I could tell the audience what I was thinking in most of the scenes. Like in scene 9 I loved how it was so different from all the other scene I had done, it didn't contain any Bratz dolls just cut our images from the internet. I made them move as if they had come to life. This directors cut / task I think will help the audience understand my film better because it helps them understand from my point of view when I was making each scene. Even though there were many problems I had making my film overall I enjoyed creating it! It is unique and different from everyone else which I think makes it stand out (in a good way). It was a fun little task to do and making this iBook / ePub will help if the audience doesn't quite understand my film. But saying that I don't really think that it is too hard to follow and it is just for a laugh. So hope you all get to watch my film 'Tik Tok Parody' by Me and if you didn't get to watch it here is the clip below! Enjoy :)

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