Saturday, October 22, 2011

Appraising Animation - Interpretation

My interpretation of Factory was that there were many people who were turning up to their jobs at a factory and that every little job that the workers did helped run the whole factory. The factory wouldn't work (produce the product that they were making) if there weren't people there to work there. So every job in the factory itself is equally important, this animation reminds me of a real work place with all the jobs and the uniforms that they have to wear. Everyone looking and behaving the same but they all have different jobs. This video has some true in reality but it also is surreal which makes the animation appear out of place.

I showed my mum this animation and she thought it was an interesting view on their creation of people going to work doing their day to day job in a work site. What the different sounds were like in the factory and just viewing how they do their jobs. That they were very repetitive in everything they did and how boring it would be to do the same thing over and over again. The colour scheme was dull and harsh it seems that it would be a strict manner and would make the people wear uniforms.

By watching the film that the intended audience for Matreyek's work would probably be adults and workaholics probably. Due to there being a steady environment and since adults have full time jobs, so they can relate to the mood of this film of going to work. They can relate that some times their jobs can be repetitive and that it is boring (sometimes).

The visual language justifies my interpretation, since in mostly every scene there was some form of repetition and the colours (black and white) didn't change throughout the whole animation. There was also some object that in real life would be smaller than what it actually appeared in the film. This shows that the video was very surreal but had some reality qualities.

Through Matreyek's work, she has created meaning by using sound with the animation images. By just listening to the sound / music playing without looking at the video you could tell it would be the kind of sounds coming out of a factory by all the mechanical noises. When you look at the animation it shows you how Matreyek sees a factory, she uses surrealism to corroborate with her visualization of a factory. Thus creating a world that doesn't look real.

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