Friday, September 16, 2011

Reflection term 2-3

I think these past two terms I have learnt many new techniques and skills about filming, animationish and creative media! These past couple of terms I have had multiple trouble with my usb and I actually completed all of my scenes numerous of times and the end result would be having put my usb into another computer, it deleted! I was very devistated when this happened to me for an number of times, since I had to start from scratch again :( Overall this term I think I did pretty well, I enjoyed amencly working with the different film equipment and loved exploring the many techniques that all of us had learnt on the way. I am very pleased about how my film/ music video turned out but not too happy about the music since it wasn't playing at the right times when the clips were playing. Another obstical for me was also my blog since some of the movie scenes wouldn't upload to my blog unfortunaly! Next term's assessment I hope to be more ontop of things especially my blog and my work not getting too stressed about it. And trying to keep myself calm and not buy any usb's that could become corrupt!! (that was a joke by the way). If I could do this assignment over again I think I would have tried to start the assignment sooner since I was stuck on ideas towards the start of the last term!

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