Thursday, February 24, 2011

SaD emotions

In this picture this teenager looks miserable by the way she has her head in her hands in a fist. She is also alone but only comforted by a small orange cat. It looks as if she is trying to hide her face since her hair and hands are covering her face.

Where I found this image:

This kitten is feeling very sad, you can tell by the way the eyes are being presented. The kittens eyes are looking low, disappointed and just very sad It’s eyebrows are pointing down like this / \ which makes the kitten look unhappy it’s ears are also out to the side.

Where I found the image

This girl is has the present emotion sadness because of the way she is holding her legs close to her body for comfort. She has also been crying because there is a tear coming down the side of her face.

Where I found the image

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